Looking for a dynamic speaker to motivate and provide leadership, communication, and professional development?

Corporate executive, business leader and executive coach Fernando Rosario is a sought-after speaker for high school, college, corporations and professional organizations nationwide. With keynotes and workshops, Fernando reaches audiences at conventions, conferences, team building activities, internal training initiatives, retreats, off-sites, and awards banquets.

His passion for helping others reach their full potential is evident and encouraging. Fernando gives the audience tools, tips, techniques, and approaches to succeed in life and their professional careers.

Through his dynamic presentation style he draws on his education, knowledge, personal and professional experiences; sharing elements of entrepreneurial success, leadership and personal and professional growth!

Mr. Rosario is passionate, enthusiastic, and genuine. He combines humor and inspirational stories to really connect with the audience; focusing on going beyond success to achieve a life of significance, and sharing the characteristics that the most significant people in his life all share.

Fernando delivers powerful messages to thousands of people every year, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals to nonprofits and groups of all kinds. He is an accomplished professional, life, business and success coach, and a gifted communicator! He captivates audiences by bringing enormous enthusiasm, passion, insight and energy to his presentations.

With an uncanny ability to connect quickly with audiences and using common-sense wisdom and contagious humor, Fernando Rosario uses expertise, authenticity, and a down-to-earth warmth to inspire people to make positive changes at work and at home. He is known as a high-powered speaker and trainer who teaches from the heart.

You are guaranteed to leave Fernando’s session with a renewed sense of direction and perspective about your life and career.

Fernando has close to 20 years of consulting experience in the financial services, technology, executive coaching, and inclusion and diversity industries. Based on his high-end business consulting and coaching skills, Fernando will work with you to customize each program in order to deliver an unforgettable learning event.

Choosing the right speaker can make or break your event. It is very difficult to recover from a speaker that sets the wrong tone or doesn’t connect with the audience. As the founder and President of Exeqpath LLC, Fernando has coached, trained, and partnered with a network of speakers that are readily available to engage during your next speaking event. Our team has led seminars for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit, and professional organizations nationwide. In addition, our speakers have real-life experience in the technology, public, retail, healthcare, and government sectors – thus providing a wide range of industry specific topics.

The Exeqpath team of speakers is sure to captivate, engage and motivate your audience by incorporating industry specific content, subject matter expertise, and relevant information in a fun and entertaining manner.

Our speakers have participated in the delivery of international training programs, recorded training materials for Fortune 500 corporations, delivered numerous keynote speeches, and have been part of the world acclaimed TEDx event.