Unlock your true potential through coaching

Over the years there has been an immense interest in the coaching field, both in the personal space and the business environment. But what is all the excitement about? Why should you consider partnering with a coach? Coaching is not about providing advice, therapy, or counseling; but rather help you experience lasting change, improve your personal and professional life, and reach your goals by establishing a clear action plan.

Coaching provides leaders from all walks of life the opportunity to develop capabilities faster than most training programs. It works because it offers a rare opportunity for an individual to receive one-on-one attention; based on a trusted relationship that focuses on generating positive and lasting change.

Change is inevitable! Transition is inevitable! And even though we acknowledge this fact, we are naturally resistant to change. It is for this reason that we need coaches - to help guide us through successful transitions, identify available options to us, transform our lives, and assist in navigating our careers among other benefits. Personal growth, facilitate career transitions, and addressing derailing behaviors are just a few of the areas a coach can help with.

Business Coaching

Over twenty years of experience working with clients in the financial services, technology, retail, mortgage, products, and hospitality industries.  We understand what it takes to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow in a variety of ways. From working with the strategy and planning phases to implementation, operations, and human resources.  Our approach leverages lessons learned and best practices frequently used at large consulting firms.    And we have the knowledge gained after working with clients such as Visa, eBay, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Accenture, Hilton, Morgan Stanley, FedEx, and First Data.

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Discovery
  • Program Management
  • Technology
  • Financials
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Management

Career Coaching

Managing a career can be a daunting task.  No matter where you are in your professional journey there are significant challenges to be faced: career progression, personal brand, politics, feedback, performance, communication skills, influence, and career transition to name a few.  Fortunately we have worked with hundreds of professionals to provide guidance around the most common scenarios and many unique ones.  Whether you are looking to grow in your existing organization, are looking for a lateral move, transitioning careers, or leading others, our coaching services can assist every step of the way.

  • Take control of your career
  • Career advancement
  • Refinement of soft skills
  • Competitive edge
  • Inspire and motivate teams
  • Increase capacity to influence
  • Elimination of bad habits and limiting beliefs
  • Improve essential communication skills

Executive Coaching

Whether you’re a seasoned executive, a high potential leader, an emerging leader, or supporting others in leadership roles, we can help to develop the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly complex environment.  From honing your communication skills, repositioning your brand, and building a strategy and vision to achieving remarkable results, leading others, and building a strategic network.  When necessary, we engage not just with the leader, but also the stakeholders, peers, and team members to build an environment that supports positive outcomes and lasting change.

  • Achieve greater success in your professional career
  • Increase self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Develop or increase key leadership capabilities
  • Increase your overall value as an executive
  • Strengthen your executive presence
  • Capitalize on your strengths and bridge gaps
  • Maximize your communication and networking skills
  • Improve decision making

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Entrepreneurs are a different breed of professionals.  They think and act differently, usually have to play every role in the organization, are constantly faced with challenges that threaten their organization's survival, and never seem to have enough hours in the day.   Our coaching services help entrepreneurs and small business owners to deal with the challenges faced daily.  We can assist with strategy, vision, planning, implementation, and execution.  When you are an entrepreneur, every decision counts.

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Discovery
  • Program Management
  • Technology
  • Financials
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Management

Life Coaching

We all need to find balance between the work demands, family needs, and individual aspirations.  A trusted coach can be leveraged as a "sounding board" to share ideas, have insightful conversations that lead to creative breakthroughs, or simply discuss daily challenges, projects, and desires. Life coaching enables individuals to unlock their own resources, leads to extraordinary results, and a more fulfilling life.

  • Work / Life Balance
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Change
  • Self-awareness
  • Quality of life
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Personal projects

Why work with Fernando

Fernando has a true passion for helping others reach their full potential.  He has made it a life mission to learn from others and understand what makes people behave and act the way they do, professionally and personally.  We all have an amazing story to tell and when and how that story is told is just as important.  Fernando is genuinely vested in your success and will help create a save environment for you to grow, have the tough conversations that are required, identify gaps that need to be addressed, and will assist as an accountability partner.

  • Over 20 years of consulting experience
  • Successful entrepreneur
  • Certified executive coach
  • Fortune 500 clients
  • Led several multi-million dollar projects

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