Impulso: LatinX Leadership Lessons Podcast

Be inspired and learn from Hispanic individuals that have succeeded in the their lives and careers.  These conversations are designed to explore leadership attributes, success stories, career navigation strategies, business knowledge, and insights from amazing people that are sure to help formulate your own strategy and actionable plan.

Charting Your Career

The program takes a unique look at each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, goals, current state, future aspirations, and surrounding landscape to design and develop an actionable plan that will propel progress in the important areas of career and life. The results of the program are as unique and personal as the vision and information provided by each individual.

Emerging Leaders

The program has been designed with high performers in mind.  Organizations usually have identified these individuals early in their careers as having the potential to grow and excel at the organization.  Understanding the necessary skills and unwritten rules required to beat the competition and continue in the fast track are a must.  This program covers the different aspects necessary to continue your professional journey and win at this game.  Communications, leadership, relationships, politics, branding, and management are just a few of the topics covered.

Corporate Readiness

You have mastered your early days as a professional, but do you know what it takes to prepare for the journey ahead?  Career progression, hidden agendas, mentors and sponsors, feedback management, limiting career moves, organization politics, and outperforming the competition are just a few of the areas you need to be aware of and be great at.  Your professional career is a marathon and not a sprint - as such, you need to strategize and plan early on.  You need to take advantage of opportunities that at first glance may not seem logical but in the long run will pave the path to success.

Leadership Academy

Leadership is one of the most overused words in the industry.  But what does it really mean?  Are we born with these skills?  This program will breakdown the necessary leadership capabilities required to be successful in your professional career.  From executive presence and communication skills to influencing and telling your story the right way.  We will breakdown leadership into practical components and help you build a strategy and plan to accomplish your goals.   Become an authentic leader that others respect and choose to follow.

Public Speaking

Speaking in front of others, confidently and with a genuine style, can open doors you did not even know existed.  People are usually attracted to poised, calmed, and charming individuals that can communicate their story and message in a unique and clear manner.  This program is designed to help you master the skills usually found in amazing public speakers.  From preparing your presentation and compiling the content to delivering a masterful keynote.  Come join us and learn strategies, tips, and practical techniques to wow your audience.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been"

- George Eliot

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